Brian's Music Musings: Them featuring Him, WNYS and the Tri-Lads

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Them featuring Him, WNYS and the Tri-Lads

Them featuring Him. Whaaaat? It seems a 45 and 78 was released in 1956 with that odd sounding group name. It came out on the HEG label, #501, and featured the same song pairings as The Youngsters/Tempters songs on the Empire label. Both were at least partially written by George Motola. HIM is listed on the label as Al Cava. The songs use the same identical musical tracks as the Empire label records previously mentioned, and feature a pop sound group giving a much easier listening treatment to the songs. I plan to add it to my Youngsters web page this week, but have just scant information on the group and Al Cava. Definitely a Los Angeles area record, I just don't see any other releases for HEG, an apparent one shot deal.

Here is a mostly undocumented issue of the Tr-lads recording of Cherry Pie. Most widely known on the Bullseye label based in New York, it was not a huge nationwide hit. It did however, get substantial play in some regional markets. The original Cherry Pie was sung by Marvin and Johnny on the Los Angeles based Modern label. It was actually the flip of Tick Tock, which is somewhat forgotten now, as Cherry Pie later was revived and became the side played, at least on Los Angeles radio. It was also included on a ton of Oldies but goodies LP's which further enhanced it's status. The Tr-Lads record appears to have been released in late 1957/early 1958 on Bullseye, but here is what I believe to be the first pressing on the Oklahoma based Perspective sound label. This label had a few other issues like the Vibes and the accents

And the Halloween records keep coming! Here is one from the New York area. It must be since the record label has WNYS "9" on the label Baron Daemon and the Vampires "sing" The Transylvania Twist and Ghost Guitars is on the flip. I have seen this artist listed as a Syracuse Horror Host. Since I was in Los Angeles, I have to figure he hosted a regional scary horror show with the monster movies! Interesting note, that it shows to be a Seneca label production which just happens to be the name of a record label that Fay Simmons recorded on. Just another shameless plug in my never ending search for information on Simmons and her recordings.

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